We are looking to Grow and Expand through continuing to provide the best possible service to our current as well as any potential new clients for Medical Transportation and our New offering, House Cleaning service called “KerrLEANING”. We seek to add Contracting/Subcontracting  opportunities with individuals as well as Medical Care providers and residential Cleaning service opportunities for Real Estate agents and Property owners.




For Real Estate agents and private seller residences that are not occupied, we provide a One-Time Deep Cleaning. For general cleaning we start with a Deep Cleaning throughout the house, with special attention to kitchen, bathrooms, sleeping and living areas. We will continue to maintain home on bi-monthly or monthly basis.


Initial/Deep cleaning represents the most thorough cleaning provided. Every reachable surface will be wiped or scrubbed of at least two of our staff. The biggest difference between this and regular cleaning is the amount of detail to such areas as baseboards, trim work, interior windows, blinds and doors. Also dusting is done by removing items and dusting underneath.


We do our best to Wow you with the look, feel and smell when you enter after our service.


Service areas:


Floors, Counter Tops, Stove Top, Burners removed and cleaned, Refrigerator Outside, Sink scoured and disinfected, Blinds dusted, Microwave Inside/Out, Major Appliances wiped, Wastebasket, Floors swept/mopped, Trash removed



Bathtub scrubbed, Shower scrubbed, Faucets, Toilets, Sink scoured and disinfected, Mirror polished, Chrome and Stainless-steel polished Blinds dusted, Wastebasket, Floors swept/mopped, Trash removed



Furniture cleaned /polished, Beds made with existing linen or linen provided, Pictures dusted or wiped, Floors swept/vacuumed/mopped, Reachable Ceiling fans dusted, Wastebasket, Blinds dusted, Trash removed


Living Room/Family Room/Dining Room (all fragile items should be removed):

Pictures dusted, Reachable Ceiling Fans, Knick knacks dusted, Furniture dusted, Floors/Carpets, swept/vacuumed/mopped, Major Appliances wiped, Blinds dusted


We are unable to do the following as part of our service:

Carpet cleaning, Animal waste removal, Mold removal, Rust removal, Heavy items lifting, Cleaning behind Appliances, Laundry, Ironing, Washing windows outside, Oven Cleaning



To Request our Services or to Inquire about rates, please contact:

Mrs. Kerr at 301-776-5774  or 
Email: kerrlean18@yahoo.com

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